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Ancient Whispers, Songs of Persia

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Ancient Whispers, Songs of Persia I.
(Nedaaye Neeyaakaan)

1. Norooz
2. Zartosht's Birthday
3. Jashn-e Teergaan
4. Jashn-e Mehregaan
5. Jashn-e Sadeh
6. Zartosht's Way

Lyrics: Dr. Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani
Vocals: Khodi & Nooshafarin
Music: Saeed Shahram

Produced by: Dr. Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani,

You are welcome to use these songs in cultural events.

These fire altars are near Takht-e Jamsheed, Shiraz, Iran.

Our ancestors recognized five different fires. 1. The great useful fire (used for cooking and keeping homes warm); 2. The fire/energy that keeps human and animal bodies warm; 3. The fire/energy that exist in wood products, plants, and all things that grow; 4. Electricity that is generated in the clouds; and finally 5. Sepeenesht, a special fire that is heavenly (in the House of Songs and Worship) and it generates light but does not burn.

Ancient Whispers I, II, Jashn-e Khordaadgaan, Shahrivargaan, Bahmangaan, plus Yaas CD are available for free educational access at

1. Ancient Whispers, Songs of Persia I

2. Fire Altars poster as seen on the CD cover

If you want to purchase a poster, please email me.

3. Amordaad, Songs of Persia II: Meanings Behind Traditions

4. Yaas, 6 Persian love songs

5. Jashn-e Shahrivargaan (released in April 2014)

6. Khayyaamism: His Controversial Poems and vision

7. Jashn-e Khordaadgaan (released in December 2014)

8. Jashn-e Bahmangaan (released in March 2015)

9. Norooz with My Family (published on Feb. 16, 2017)


Dr. Khodadad Kaviani (Khodi) is an associate professor of education. He is an educator, author, poet, singer, and cultural diversity trainer. His music allows all Iranians to reconnect with their cultural roots through songs. These cultural songs are valuable teaching and learning resources about the living Iranian traditions that Zoroastrians have kept alive over centuries.

Special Thanks to Ms. Nooshafarin who accepted my invitation to help with the Ancient Whispers I. Also, Suzanne Gard for depicting the glowing fire altars you see on the CD cover and Yasmine Rafi for her magical graphic work. Also thanks to Neda Shahram for playing the flute part in the Khordaadgaan song.

Amordaad, Songs of Persia II, and the other songs are produced by Khodi and Haideh. These songs represent the living culture of Iran.

Thanks to Michelle Rostami for her help with the design of Shahrivargaan, Khordaadgaan, and Bahmangaan album covers.

Michelle and Neema Rostami helped with the first draft of Norooz with My Family.

Thank you!!!

 Dr. Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani


What's the significance of your date of birth?

Match the month with the day to find out about the significance of your date of birth.

Days of the Month

In the Zoroastrian calendar, each day has a special name. When the name of day and month match, people celebrate! Each celebration provides a focus for a given ideal (e.g., friendship, justice, etc.) or an element like fire or water.
Day 1. Oormezd = Ahooraa Mazdaa, The Great Life Giving Wise One
Day 2. Bahman = Good Thoughts
Day 3. Ardibehesht = Best Truth and Purity
Day 4. Shahrivar = Strong Leadership for and with Justice
Day 5. Sepandaarmezd = Holy Earth
Day 6. Khordaad = Good health
Day 7. Amordaad = Immortal
Day 8. Dey b-e Aazar = Creator
Day 9. Aazar = Fire, Light
Day 10. Aabaan = Water
Day 11. Kheer or Khoor = Sun, Sunlight
Day 12. Maah = Moon
Day 13. Teer = Mercury (Rain Star)
Day 14. Goosh = The Living Universe
Day 15. Dey b-e Mehr = Creator
Day 16. Mehr = Friendship, Promise & Commitment
Day 17. Soroosh = Following/Listening to God's Words
Day 18. Rashn = Justice
Day 19. Farvardeen = Faravahar, Energy of Progress
Day 20. Verahraam = Victory
Day 21. Raam = Happiness
Day 22. Baad = Wind
Day 23. Dey b-e Deen = Creator
Day 24. Deen = Insight, Conscience
Day 25. Ard = Ashi, Happiness, Wealth
Day 26. Ashtaad = Truth
Day 27. Aasemaan = Sky
Day 28. Zaamiyaad = Earth
Day 29. Montraspand = Good Words
Day 30. Anaaraaam = Eternal Light

The last five days of the year are: Ahnavad = Leader & Life Giver, Oshtavad = Health & Good Omen,Sepentamad = Holy Thought, Vahookhashatra = Power of Goodness & Good Country, and Vaheeshtooesh = The Best, in Persian, the word Paradise (Behesht) comes from this word. For the leap years, the name of the 366th day is Oordaad which means, an extra day.


* Zartosht or Zoroaster, means Shining Star
* Gatha means Songs and Singing (Gatha are Zoroaster's words)
* Avestaa means Knowledge and Awareness
* Zoroastrianism promotes Freedom of Thought, peace, and challenges individuals to make independent decisions while promoting progress to benefit all.